SilencerCo Salvo 12



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he Salvo® K has been added to it’s older – and bigger – brother to create the only line of commercially-viable, modular, shotgun silencers on the market. Designed to operate with most pump action and semi automatic shotguns and almost all commercially available ammunition, at its full length of 8″ the Salvo K brings sound down to 140.09 dB at the muzzle with #7 shot out of a 26″ barrel. Unlike it’s 12″ companion, the K is configurable to 6″ (with rod kit) or 8″ (as shipped).  After years in customer’s hands, SilencerCo realizes that most shooters prefer the 8″ configuration as a happy middle ground on the size/weight to sound performance ratio.  As such, they’re offering the Salvo in this configuration at a discount for those that don’t need or want the full size 12″ and have to buy a rod kit down the road!Salvo 12